Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Alex Smith Signs Contract

With all of the Manning-Madness starting to fade away after Peyton chose the Broncos, the 49ers and Alex Smith have agreed to a deal late Tuesday night. According to sources at the NFL Network, it is a three-year deal worth 8 million dollars a year. Smith has seemed to forgive the 49ers for their infidelity while flirting with Peyton. You cant blame Smith for being ruffled. After finally having a break-out season, the organization tried to buy a ticket to hop on the first train smoking and leave him behind. Smith was running out of leverage though because all the open QB spots began to fill. He made the best decision and came back to the place he had the best chance of continuing his success with. At his press conference Tuesday night Coach Harbaugh insisted his relationship with his QB was not tarnished.

“It’s been a good — strong relationship, as always,” Harbaugh said through “It’s a very strong relationship. Nothing’s changed.”

We will all have to wait until the up-coming season to be the judge of that.

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