Sunday, April 1, 2012

Alex Smith Lends a Hand to Help Find Young Teen

Sierra LaMar went missing in Morgan Hill, California two weeks ago after leaving for school and never making it. Among the group of 550 volunteers who showed up to search on Saturday morning was 49ers QB Alex Smith. The group covered a 20 mile radius looking for clues on the disappearance. Alex was not available for comment and the team didn't respond to statement requests.  
 "He wasn't there for attention. He was there to search," said Klaas, founder of the KlaasKids Foundation. "It was about his heart. It's certainly a touching thing, and it's a huge thing, too. By showing up, he provided a value that went well beyond his own presence as a searcher." Klaas added that this was the first time he could recall that a celebrity came forward without prompting. "For somebody of that stature to take his own initiative and do something like this to show that he cares about the family and the community, I'm just thrilled, and I imagine Sierra LaMar's family is, too, Klaas said. "It shows you the kind of person Alex Smith must be."
Alex should be commended and respected for taking the time out to help. Hopefully his celebrity will bring awareness and help find the missing teen.

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