Thursday, April 19, 2012

Randy Moss absent from 49ers' voluntary workouts

49ers general manager Trent Baalke confirmed that wide receiver Randy Moss isn't present at the 49ers' voluntary off-season conditioning program that began Monday. But Moss' absence is not a surprise to anyone. It was agreed upon and expected says Baalke.
"Randy's not in and that was something discussed with Randy when we made the arrangement and signed him," Baalke said at the end of Wednesday morning's pre-draft press conference. "That is not unexpected by any stretch.
 The first two weeks of the off-season program are restricted to strength and conditioning. Coaches are not allowed on the field for drills until the third week. Baalke guesses that that four to five players are not among the 60 players who showed up to participate in the voluntary program. Asked if Moss will be here by the time off-season training activities -- and on-field coaching begins -- in five weeks, Baalke said: "He'll be here long before that."

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