Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Willis Wants To Be on The Cover of Madden

Patrick Willis is in the final four in the voting for the 2013 Madden cover. He will be squaring off against rookie break-out Cam Newton. It seems Willis isn't superstitious. Despite the legend of the Madden curse, he still wants make an appearance on the cover. Players who appear on the cover have been known to get injured or fall of the face of the earth the following season. Willis himself released this statement.
"Lol y'all talking about the curse. A 49er has never been on the cover of madden that I know of n look at injuries we have every yr. I wasn't on the cover last yr n look I missed games so see it has nothing to do with being on the cover n the curse curse. When u play the game hard n a lot of snaps injuries happen. Players get injuries all the time, that r not on the cover of madden. So fans of mine put that curse stuff away n let's make history. Vote for me to make this happen so! much luv to all that will vote for me. Thank you "
Garrison Hearst actually made an appearance on Madden 99. Niner fans you have a decision to make. Do we give the man what he wants and represent for our team? Or do we not vote and keep the curse far far far away from arguably the best middle linebacker in the league?

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