Friday, May 11, 2012

A.J. Jenkins Noticeably Out of Shape at First Day Of Mini-camp

Many sources are reporting that A.J. Jenkins first day in a 49ers uniform was not a good one. He was clearly out of shape and often winded.

Halfway through the morning’s 90-minute practice, the receivers broke into a balance and speed race, known as the figure-eight drill. Jenkins lost at least two races, the first just slightly, to undrafted rookie Chris Owusu of Stanford. Jenkins never recovered, dropping two passes and looking sluggish the rest of the way.

Jenkins had bags of ice wrapped around his thighs and hamstrings, standard training camp treatment, after his first practice. He also had to be spelled out to rest during some of the drills.
“I’ve got to step my game up a little bit,” said Jenkins, adding that his hectic schedule before and after the draft(taking his finals and graduating from college) broke his workout routine. “I’ve got to get in shape. But as far as everything else, I think I did pretty good. I knew what I had to do, knew all my assignments, I think I did pretty good.”
The press weren't the only ones to notice either. Coach Harbaugh also took notice. Though, when asked about it, Harbaugh pointed out that most of the guys were out of shape.
“Out of shape, that’s the bad news,” Harbaugh said of his new bunch. “Good news is that it’s a very talented group of those young receivers. You could tell that right away. But the bad news is we’ve got to get them in shape. I don’t know exactly what all these guys have been doing in the last six months.”
“I knew that these guys weren’t working out as hard as our guys have been working out,” Harbaugh said. “Because our guys are just fanatical with the way they work out and the way they approach their cardio. So I knew it wasn’t going to be as good as our guys. But, yeah, we have a ways to go."
Right now A.J. Jenkins and the rest of the rookies have a ways to go to reach the 49er standards that are now expected.

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