Thursday, May 31, 2012

Vernon Davis: "Randy Moss looks like the guy I used to watch"

"Before he ever got to the NFL, 49ers tight end Vernon Davis was a Randy Moss fan. Now Davis is a Randy Moss teammate, and he says the guy he sees on the field at Organized Team Activities shows off all the same athletic talent as the guy he watched — and tried to emulate — while he was developing as a football player.
Davis told Trey Wingo on ESPN that he’s seen Moss make the same kinds of jaw-dropping plays on the 49ers’ practice field that he used to make when he was in his prime.
“Randy caught a pass the other day, I mean — man, come on,” Davis said. “He caught a pass, there were three guys on him in practice, and he went up with two hands, and he looked like the old Randy Moss that I used to watch when I was in high school and college.”
Moss didn’t play at all last year and wasn’t any good the year before that, but if he’s even close to the player he was during his best seasons with the Vikings and Patriots, then Davis will have a teammate who can transform the 49ers’ passing game."

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