Sunday, August 19, 2012

49ers Believe Brandon Jacobs Will Return this Season

49ers running back Brandon Jacobs suffered what at first appeared to be a severe left knee injury in Saturday night’s preseason game against the Texans. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that his X-rays came back negative, though, and Jacobs is scheduled for an MRI on Sunday.

Coach Jim Harbaugh explained in his post-game press conference that Jacobs’ ACL and patellar tendon are intact, which is a very promising thing. While Harbaugh conceded that Jacobs will miss time, he said the injury is “not [of] the you-don’t-come-back-from variety.”

It sounds like Jacobs suffered a sprain of some sort, although the 49ers won’t know for sure until Sunday’s MRI.

The bad news is Jacobs may miss a few weeks, jeopardizing his early-season availability.

The good news is his season doesn’t appear to be in danger.

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