Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Randy Moss Continues to Refuse to Talk to the Media

Between the time Randy Moss decided that he loves football again and signed with the 49ers, he had plenty to say, via the webcam and microphone on his computer.  Since joining the 49ers, Moss hasn’t had much to say at all.

He participated in a conference call after signing his contract, and he met with the media once during training camp.

Moss otherwise refuses to talk.

He passed again on Tuesday, according to Cam Inman of  As to whether Moss will talk in advance of a return visit to the scene of the faux mooning, Moss said, “Probably not.”

At some point, he probably will.  During the regular season, the NFL requires post-game availability and one other session once per week.  Failure to comply will trigger fines and, over time, increasing discipline.
It’s not the first time Moss has expressed a preference not to talk.  At one point during the 2010 season, Moss was fined $25,000.  He thereafter decided that he would be available for the media, but that he would answer only his own questions.

Of course, the press conference in which Moss said he’d answer only his own questions came one day before he was fired by the Vikings.  After Moss was claimed on waivers by Tennessee, no one really cared much about what he had to say.

And that’s what Moss doesn’t seem to realize.  People want to talk to him because he’s relevant to the game of football.  The reporters are simply the conduit of the fans; Moss probably will figure that out after the reporters — and the fans — stop caring about whatever it is that he may have to say.

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