Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Randy Moss Convinced Many of his 49ers Teammates to Take Up Swimming

Years ago, there was the so-called Randy Ratio, where the Minnesota Vikings sought to get wide receiver Randy Moss the ball a certain amount each game. Now, Moss has introduced the 49ers to what one might call the Randy Olympics.

Almost like clockwork, Moss hits the swimming pool at the 49ers facility each day to help keep his 35-year-old body in tiptop shape.

And his 49ers teammates also are taking to hitting the pool.

"If Moss is doing it, you got to do it, especially as a young receiver," rookie wideout Chris Owusu said. "You want to emulate everything that he does because he's been to the top, he's a Hall of Fame receiver, so you got to go out and do what he does."

Owusu said his time in a swimming pool before Moss arrived was limited to rehab sessions.
These days, Owusu is learning the benefits of swimming laps, holding his breath and working multiple muscles at one time.

Owusu said the swimming has helped increase his endurance and lung capacity, while providing another outlet for him to bond with his new teammates.

"Not only getting closer, but you're getting better at the same time," Owusu said.

Guard Mike Iupati spent some time in the pool last season. He used to be able to swim freely without fear of running into another swimmer.

Now, it's not uncommon for 30 or more players to be in the pool at one time. Moss, who didn't speak to the media on Tuesday, orchestrates competitions that include races and seeing who can hold his breath the longest."He has helped a lot and showed, especially the receivers, what to do," Iupati said. "Get in the pool, you need to swim laps and hold your breath. It's a huge benefit."

Safety Donte Whitner says he and others can learn from Moss in myriad ways.

"You can just watch him each and every day," Whitner said. "He's one of the first guys here, one of the last guys to leave, he's always in the cold tub, he's always swimming in the bottom of the swimming pool we have in there, steam room, sauna, ice tub."

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