Monday, September 10, 2012

Chris Houston says Randy Moss Can't "take the top off” Defenses

Few players in NFL history respond more aggressively and decisively to external criticism than 49ers receiver Randy Moss.  What makes him great (i.e., the ability to muster a high degree of motivation when antagonized) also has been his greatest flaw (i.e., an inability to consistently muster that motivation absent external motivation).

Lions cornerback Chris Houston risked riling up Randy Moss on Monday, in advance of Detroit’s trip to San Francisco.  According to Josh Katzenstein of the Detroit News, Houston said Monday that Moss is a “possession receiver.”  Houston added that he doesn’t think Moss can “take the top off” the defense.

Given Detroit’s well-documented problems in the defensive secondary, it’s not the smartest thing Houston ever has said.  With Moss snaring a touchdown pass in the 49ers’ Week One win over the Packers, Houston shouldn’t give Moss any extra reason to try even harder to make an impact.

After all, Moss once racked up three touchdowns against the Lions after he was supplied external motivation.  And that motivation didn’t even come from the Lions; it came from ESPN’s Merril Hoge, who accused Moss of taking plays off.

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