Thursday, September 13, 2012

Jed York Cautions Against Hard Handshakes

As the 49ers and Lions prepare to get together again, less than a year after a post-game meeting between coach Jim Harbaugh and coach Jim Schwartz sent shock waves throughout the NFL, it’s hard not to avoid talking about the handshake.

It’s even harder when the owner of one of the teams is talking about it.

At a downtown rally on Wednesday, 49ers owner Jed York made light of the jaw-dropping moment as he wrapped up his remarks:  “By all means, when you’re shaking somebody’s hand at the end of the game, don’t do it too hard.”

It’s unlikely that Harbaugh and Schwartz will have another incident this year.  Still, something seems to overtake Harbaugh when it’s time to compete.

Of course, that “something” never seems to be too far under the surface.  And so when the nitro that is Harbaugh gets together with the glycerin that is Schwartz, it makes sense not to choose that moment to go grab a beer — or to go do the thing that needs to be done after drinking three or four of them.

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