Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Moss goes “next question” on question of his playing time

Plenty of 49ers fans have been talking about the lack of playing time for receiver Randy Moss.  On Wednesday, Randy Moss didn’t want to talk about that topic — on a rare day that he was willing to talk to the media at all.

Talkative at first, Moss got terse when asked if he’s concerned about the amount of time he’s on the field.

“No, I’m not,” Moss said, via Matt Maiocco of  “Next question.”

Later, after several more next questions, he was asked again to explain why he wasn’t interested in talking about his playing time.

“Because it’s really not up to me,” said Moss, who had only 16 snaps in Week Two against the Lions. 
“Like I said, I come out here and practice every day and when called upon, I just go out there and try to make a play.  It’s not up to me.”

So while coach Jim Harbaugh has said Moss isn’t concerned about his playing time, saying “it’s really not up to me” suggests that he’s not playing as much as he wants to.  As long as the 49ers are winning, Moss will at worst be passive-aggressive.  If he’s not playing much and the 49ers stop winning, it’ll be a problem.

One way for Harbaugh to avoid having it become a problem will be for Harbaugh to unleash Moss in his return to the Metrodome on Sunday.

Moss isn't concerned, are you? Let us know here.

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