Saturday, September 8, 2012

Packers Preparing for 49ers to Use Colin Kaepernick in the Wildcat

Tim Tebow isn’t the only backup quarterback who might come in to run the ball on Sunday.

The 49ers showed some looks with backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick running the ball in a variation of the Wildcat offense during the preseason, and as the Packers prepare to face the 49ers on Sunday, they say they’re preparing to see Kaepernick in some of the same read option looks he ran in college at Nevada, where he was the only player in major college football history to have more than 10,000 passing yards and more than 4,000 rushing yards.

“It’s definitely something different,” Packers coach Mike McCarthy said, via the San Francisco Chronicle. “It’s something that you have to prepare for. It’s like any other scheme. You have to put your time in. We feel fortunate that we have extra time to prepare for the 49ers. We’re confident that with all of our adjustments we’re ready to go.”

Whether the 49ers end up using Kaepernick or not, the fact that they have him available forces the Packers (and future opponents) to devote some time to preparing for him. That makes him a valuable asset as a backup quarterback.

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