Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tarell Brown Fined $5,250 for “red undergarment sleeves”, Posts Picture of Fine Letter

San Francisco cornerback Tarell Brown is paying the price for wearing a shirt underneath his shoulder pads that didn’t meet with the NFL’s specifications.

Brown has been fined $5,250, and Brown posted the letter he got from the league explaining the fine.

“Dear Tarell: During the Detroit Lions-San Francisco 49ers game on September 16, 2012, you were in violation of the NFL Uniform and Equipment Rules. Specifically, you wore red undergarment sleeves. Your team designated undergarment color is white,” the letter says.

It’s unclear whether Brown didn’t know that his team designated undergarment color is white, or if he knew and just didn’t care. The NFL’s fine is an attempt to make him care.