Thursday, September 13, 2012

Trent Dilfer Film Study: 49ers

Trent Dilfer takes requests on twitter for film study analysis and the 49ers were heavily requested this week. Here are his tweets concerning the team.

#filmstudy Niners Bruce Miller # 49 is quickly becoming top 5 FB in NFL. Takes great angles, physical, fast, versatile and finishes. #Beast

#filmstudy Smith Very decisive w/decision making post snap & OWENED LOS w/checks & audibles.

#filmstudy Smith vs 5+Rushers was #StraightDealing 11-12 92% 141 yds. Saw it early & got ball out. Product of #FunctionalFBIntelligence

#filmstudy Smith HUGE improvement w/Action ball fakes.Hand/ball extended & underneath ball, quick back 2 core, & head snaps around to see D.

#filmstudy #nextlevel Smith Play action passing: Hard work payed off statistically. 5-6 83% 85 yds 14.2 yes/att.

#filmstudy Smith Gun footwork is significantly improved. Base is staying wider & more balanced. Gun passing 10-14 71% 84 yds 2TD 6yds/att

#filmstudy Smith Ball security during pocket conflict was excellent. Niners allowed some free runners on AS, but he protected ball.

#filmstudy Smith Location on intermediate passing game was good. Ball finished on mask on most throws. Ball in air 10-20 yds 4-5 78yds 1 TD
#filmstudy Smith Criticism number 1 would be that he passed up 2 HUGE opportunities down the middle. At times, conservative bug bites him

#filmstudy Smith Criticism # 2 is a mechanical flaw. R hip doesn't fully release on some throws & spine tilts left way too much =high miss

#filmstudy Niners Crabtree looked as Sudden (quick/fast/balanced) as I have seen him as a 49er. He was open all day & showed up as a blocker

#filmstudy Niners Davis # 85 one most his 1 on 1 battles with Woodson in pass game. He blew by him once & AS didn't see it clearly.

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