Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Brandon Jacobs admits frustration at not playing yet

Normally, you’d have to peel Brandon Jacobs off the ceiling for a game like this week’s 49ers-Giants matchup.

But because he hasn’t done much to contribute to the effort, the current 49ers and former Giants running back was subdued when asked about the rematch of last year’s NFC Championship Game.

“It would be different if things were different, put it that way,” Jacobs said, via Mike Garafolo of USA Today. “I don’t have any thoughts on it.”


Jacobs’ reaction has everything to do with the fact he hasn’t played this year, after a preseason knee injury.
He said he was ready to play last week, but when he was held out it clearly put a damper on a normally fiery personality.

“How many times have you seen me [on the field] this year?” Jacobs asked rhetorically.

Asked if he was well enough to play, Jacobs replied:  “I feel great. I feel phenomenal. My leg is as fresh as yours.”

He admits friustration, despite the way the season’s gone.

 “Oh, very,” Jacobs said. “Because I don’t know anything. I don’t know what’s what. But I’m hanging in there, I’m working every day, doing what I have to do. Let’s say I’m just working and doing what I have to do and that’s that.

“I’ve learned over the years when you open your mouth and say certain things, it hurts you, so I’m just going to shut up and keep working.”

And if he didn’t play against his old team?

“It would disappoint me a lot,” Jacobs said. “But like I said, it’s not my call.”

Coach Jim Harbaugh said earlier in the day “Nothing’s wrong, except nothing’s wrong.”

Now he at least has something to worry about.


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