Thursday, October 11, 2012

Brandon Jacobs backtracks from comments about frustration

Brandon Jacobs expressed frustration at not playing in a game for the 49ers yet this season because he feels he’s totally recovered from the knee injury he suffered in the preseason.

Jacobs said that he was healthy enough to play in each of the last two 49ers games, but the team put him on the inactive list against both the Jets and the Bills. He also said that he would be very disappointed if he missed this weekend’s game against his former team.

He was singing a very different tune on Thursday. Jacobs said that he spoke with coach Jim Harbaugh, who seemed to be itching for a problem to deal with earlier this week, a couple of times in the last two days and that he no longer feels it is important for him to be on the field against the Giants.

“We ironed it out,” Jacobs said, via Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee. “We got it done. I understand where coach is coming from. Coach understands me with him playing football and understanding the athlete and the competitive nature of wanting to get out and help the team win. And not only that, against a former team. But in this case, the former team isn’t important. What’s is important is the long run.”

Jacobs also said that he while he could play right now, he no longer thinks that it would be smart for him to do so because he would rather be 100 percent healthy when he makes his return. Jacobs had a habit of expressing disgust or frustration with things during his time with the Giants only to do a similar backpedal a short time later. It would seem that we can put this into that category and move back to looking forward to seeing the Giants and 49ers play instead of listening to them talk.

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