Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vernon Davis sees difference between Moss and Owens

Receiver Terrell Owens and Randy Moss have plenty of detractors.  But one NFL player is a big fan of one, and apparently isn’t a fan of the other.

49ers tight end Vernon Davis praised Moss on Wednesday, while in turn taking a bit of a shot at T.O.
The difference is selfishness, and lack thereof.

“Randy is not worried about how many catches he’s getting,” Davis said, via  “I’m not worried about how many catches I get.  As long as we win, I’m having a good day.  That’s what it’s about.  It’s about winning.”

Davis said Moss hasn’t articulated a lack of interest in maximizing stats.  “I can see it in him,” Davis said.  “I sit right beside him.  I see it in him.  I see it in him when he’s not getting balls.”

And while Davis didn’t take a direct slap at Owens, the veteran tight end made his point by explaining that he used to be a guy who looked up to guys like Owens.

“At one point, I was selfish, and I admit it.  I was,” Davis said.  “And that’s because I was young and I didn’t know.  I was trying to find myself, just trying to figure it out.  I looked up to guys like Terrell Owens, and other guys in the league.  And I thought that this was what it was about.  But it wasn’t.”

Of course, if Owens were currently a teammate and Moss wasn’t, Davis may be saying the same things, with the names flipped.  As it currently stands, Davis sees T.O. as selfish and Moss as not selfish.


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