Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Alex Smith Getting Second Opinion on His Head Injury

Alex Smith suffered a concussion on Sunday.  And while it’s unclear whether he’ll be cleared by an independent neurologist to return to action on Monday night against the Bears, a league source says that Smith is seeking a second opinion.

It’s unclear what impact, if any, a second opinion would have on the assessment of an independent neurologist.  Given the somewhat subjective nature of the ultimate assessment of a guy’s symptoms, however, a second opinion that points toward a mild concussion or no concussion at all could influence the independent neurologist’s assessments.

Smith has every reason to try to get back on the field.  If Smith doesn’t play and if Colin Kaepernick plays well on a national stage, Alex Smith could be the sports world’s next Wally Pipp.


  1. I don't like this right now as a Niner fan. I REALLY hope Smith is ready to go for Monday night (and I think he will be).

    There a portion of 49er fans that think if smith isn't running around and slinging the ball 30 yards down the field on every play, that he's not effective. These fans don't grasp the concept and likely never will (it's why Mike Vick is failing in Philly). Because of this, the LAST thing the 49ers need is the circus of a QB controversy fueled by the fans and media (even if there isn't one in Harbaugh's mind). If Kaepernack starts, he will do enough to turn heads (he's just that type of athlete). But, Smith orchestrates this their offense to perfection and he doesn't get the respect he deserves for this. For better or worse, I Alex Smith is the only QB on the 49ers roster that can get us back to the Superbowl RIGHT NOW.

    1. I totally agree with you. The 49ers need Smith back. Some fans don't understand that Kaepernick is not ready. He needs more conditioning. I hope Smith is cleared to play Monday.