Sunday, November 4, 2012

Photo Breakdown of the 49ers Offensive Schemes

It's no secret the 49ers like the run the football. But it's so much more than that for Jim Harbaugh and Greg Roman. It's an exotic mixture of personnel and motion that create havoc for opposing defenses, even when they know what's coming.

We all remember the days of Mike Singletary's run, run, pass, punt offense.

Anyone can use motion and personnel changes, but it's the 49ers roster that have taken pride in their role of confusing defenses and do so in stride. Here's a look at the first three plays of last week's Monday Night Football rivalry game between the San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals.

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The ability to smash the football at the defense, even when they know it's coming, is what makes this San Francisco 49er team hard to beat. It's the motions, personnel changes, and overall understanding of what the defense wants to do that puts the 49ers offensive line and run game ahead of everyone else in the league.

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