Monday, November 26, 2012

Vernon Davis: "Alex Smith is still our guy"

San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh won't commit to either Colin Kaepernick or Alex Smith as his starting quarterback.

Tight end Vernon Davis has an idea of who he'd like to see under center.

"It's difficult, but I think Alex is still the man," Davis told reporters after the 49ers posted 31-21 victory over the New Orleans Saints on Sunday. "In my heart I strongly believe that and you'll know next week. I'm sure Harbaugh will make a nice decision who he wants to go with but right now we have two outstanding playmakers."

Prodded further, Davis declared: "I'm sure Alex is still our guy."

Davis' loyalty is commendable and he admitted the 49ers are confident in whomever is under center, as they've proven the past two weeks.

Purely for journalistic integrity, though, we'd like to point out that Davis' pro-Smith comments came after a game in which he had zero catches and was targeted just once by Kaepernick.

A week ago Monday, Davis was "bowing" to the second-year quarterback, comparing him to Tom Brady and claiming he finally "felt like somebody took the handcuffs off me," after snagging six caches for 83 yards and a touchdown in a blowout win over the Chicago Bears.

Now it's Smith who wants to get the handcuffs off, after a concussion cost him his starting job. Smith continues to make the right statements, however.

"I think I should (be the starting quarterback) but it's not my decision," Smith said after Sunday's win. "Also, I'm part of this team and it was great to go out and get a win."

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