Sunday, December 23, 2012

49ers Vs Seahawks Postgame Press Conference - Jim Harbaugh


  1. Doesn't matter the defense didn't play well last night, cause regardless
    the defense will fail from time to time, Alex Smith has had no problem
    coming back last season when the team is behind. Can't expect the defense
    to carry the team every game like they have been since CK took over.
    Mainly CK, the offense and Harb/Roman couldn't score a TD until 1:40
    left in the game. Every defense in the league plays off the offense
    also and CK couldn't carry the team and bring the team from behind.
    This is the 1st game since CK took over that they were behind by at
    least 14+ pts. Exactly what I wanted to see if he could come back from
    behind this season, and he couldn't.

    They will win the game next week and thus the division and host the
    wild card game at home and win that one, and lose and exit the
    play-off when they have to go to GB or ATL the week after. There is a
    very small chance they can win that away game in GB or ATL then go to
    the NFCC away and win that one to get to the SB. CK is no Eli or
    Rodgers or Matt Ryan, he doesn't have experience, the ball placement
    at the moment and WR crop as those other teams and when the defense
    and/or ST doesn't play great, he can't carry the team in those areas
    mentioned. Alex Smith was able to take the team to OT in the NFCC last
    season with a depleted WR crop and was able to connect 4 TD with VD, 2
    a piece, in 2 play-off game last year, CK hasn't thrown a TD to VD the
    last 4-5 games and now VD is injured.

    I feel if Alex Smith didn't get concussed and was the QB in every
    game, the 9ers would have probably won both of the STL games (CK
    played inexperienced and was horrible in both of those games vs a
    average STL team) and maybe one out of the NE or SEA game, given the
    team a 12-3 or at least a 11-4 record right now instead of 10-4-1 and
    put us in the position to be the 2nd seed again as last year. Then
    they would have a bye for the injured to rest up (like Justin Smith
    and now VD) and play the 1st play-off game at home, win that and
    possibly play the NFCC at home again and it probably wouldn't be the
    NYG now cause they don't even look like they will be in the play-offs
    and wouldn't going to repeat anyway.

    Now cause of the switch and trying to save money, Alex Smith for sure
    is done with the 9ers and probably will be traded to a AFC team for a
    3rd round pick or less. I read if they don't trade AS and release him
    instead, they would have to pay him another 1 million. He could
    probably start in KC, OAK, NYJ, TEN, JAX, BUF, CLE, AZ or even PHI.

    Be funny if AS goes to AZ, then the 9ers would have to face him 2x a
    year and the other 2 teams in the division has good QBs too, the
    division is going to be tougher than ever.

    1. You are a flake just like Alex Smith. He can't finish anything otherwise they would have been in the Super Bowl last year.

    2. If you remember that game correctly Alex Smith did what he needed to do for us to win that game. The problem was the punt return, twice!

    3. Wow. I've never heard anyone say Alex played better than completely and utterly discusting in that championship game vs the giants. Dude, you got a very bad memory!!