Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Colin Kaepernick Trademarks Kaepernicking

Colin Kaepernick has quickly become a media sensation after his signature touchdown celebration,
“Kaepernicking” went viral online. Now the young star has trademarked the term.

After being criticized by a writer about having tattoos covering his upper arms, Kaepernick began celebrating touchdowns by kissing his bicep. The pose spread around the meme community and became knows as “Kaepernicking.”

Kaepernick got in on the fun himself and held an online contest to see which fan could send him their best imitation through twitter.

Now Eric Branch of the San Francisco Chronicle has revealed through Twitter that Kaepernick has trademarked the term.
His tweet reads:
“Per the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Colin Kaepernick has trademarked the term ‘Kaepernicking.’”
Of course Colin Kaepernick did not start the trend of having celebration poses named and mimicked online.  Tim Tebow is the grandaddy of it all. His signature pose is “Tebowing.”

There is also “Bradying,” “Gronking” and “Griffining.”

We hope there is plenty of Kaepernicking going on during the Super Bowl.

Update: Kaepernick’s marketing team already has authorized a few small T-shirt companies to use his name and image on their products.

The official “Kaepernicking” shirt is made by a company called Sportiqe. Some proceeds from that shirt go to Camp Taylor, which organizes camps for children with congenital heart defects.

Kaepernick has been involved with the camp; his adoptive parents lost two children to heart complications.

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