Friday, April 19, 2013

49ers dealing with another Chris Culliver headache

Chris Culliver, the 49ers cornerback who became a distraction in the days before the Super Bowl when he said he wouldn’t want a gay teammate, is in hot water again.

The 49ers released a statement saying Culliver “is being handled internally” after questions were raised about his Instagram account, which he used to publicly post a text message conversation in which women are referred to as “bitch” and “hoes.”

After the pre-Super Bowl incident, the 49ers said they would put Culliver through sensitivity training. Last month, Culliver met with an organization that works with gay young people.

But Culliver obviously hasn’t learned to watch what he says. Culliver is surely not the only NFL player who has used the words “bitch” and “hoes,” just as he’s surely not the only NFL player who wouldn’t want a gay teammate. But he was dumb enough to make his feelings about a gay teammate public, and now he was dumb enough to make his text messages using offensive language public. Maybe that sensitivity training didn’t work.

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