Monday, April 29, 2013

Add the 49ers to the list of teams passing on Tebow

Throw another log on the fire.

Along with the Jets, the Buccaneers and the Eagles, it’s time to add to the list of teams that don’t want Tim Tebow today.

According to Matt Maiocco of, “all indications are the 49ers have no desire to bring Tebow.”

There’s a reasonable position that he might fit there. For someone to make it work, they’re going to need a clearly established starter whose job is stable enough to prevent the speculation from fermenting, and a coach flexible enough to work with a non-traditional player.

The 49ers satisfy both qualifiers, but apparently aren’t interested in the added attention he’d bring. The also think seventh-rounder B. J. Daniels brings some of the same qualities.

“He’s got a real sense when he runs of alluding defenders,” Harbaugh said of Daniels. “Buying time in the pocket, extending plays, very strong arm. And then you wonder with the athleticism, just how many ways could he contribute to this team and this roster.

“Can he be a running back? Can he be a wide receiver? Can he be a kick returner? Can he be a punt returner? That idea of being a Swiss army knife kind of comes up again. And we’ll see just how many things he can be good at. But, he’s a tremendous athlete with great foot quickness, strong arm, two-time captain. I think we’re fishing out of a good pool there that he’ll be able to contribute to this football team.”

Many of those same things can be said about Tebow. But that’s apparently a dry hole for the 49ers.

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