Monday, April 1, 2013

Niners join the April Fool’s Day fun

Earlier on Monday, former Bills linebacker Nick Barnett had a little April Fool’s fun on Twitter, proclaiming that he has re-signed with Buffalo.

The 49ers are now getting in on the action, announcing the release of the Jim Harbaugh Collection.

It’s a good-natured reference to Harbaugh’s Rain Man-habitual black fleece top and khaki pants, along with a black 49ers cap.

“I probably save about 20 minutes per day,” Harbaugh “said” of the impact of his wardrobe on his daily workload.  “I’ve cut down a lot of drag.”

The announcement includes a photo gallery, and a “shop the Jim Harbaugh collection” link that makes the gag even more obvious than it already was.

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