Saturday, May 11, 2013

49ers rookie Quinton Patton struggling with air travel

For 49ers rookie wide receiver Quinton Patton, the rookie symposium needs to include a session with a travel agent.

The fourth-round pick from Louisiana Tech initially reached into his own pocket to fly to San Francisco after the draft, before he was allowed to report to work. They had to send him home that time, though he earned the respect of coach Jim Harbaugh.

This week, when they bought the ticket, he nearly didn’t make it, according to Matt Maiocco of

Patton nearly missed his flight because he couldn’t find his identification, which was buried in the pocket of a pair of pants inside his luggage.

“I tried to come out here early last time and now I can’t even get out there this time,” Patton said.
After the weekend minicamp, he’ll be exiled again, since Louisiana Tech hasn’t held graduation yet, and rookies can’t participate until that happens.

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