Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Frank Gore on list of sidelined 49ers

It was reported that 49ers tackle Joe Staley is recovering from arthroscopic knee surgery that is keeping him off the field at 49ers OTAs.

We also shared the longish list of other 49ers who are coming off surgery or trying to make their way back from season-ending injuries in 2012. That list didn’t cover everyone on the sideline right now, however.

Running back Frank Gore hasn’t had surgery and he isn’t rehabbing an injury from last year, but he was on an elliptical alongside Staley during Tuesday’s practice. Coach Jim Harbaugh offered no details about the nature of the issue that Gore is dealing with, saying only that he doesn’t believe the running back has a major injury.

“Just working through something,” Harbaugh said, via Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee. “Nothing too serious.”

Assuming Harbaugh’s diagnosis is correct, this might be a good thing for Gore when all is said and done. Gore’s running style and heavy usage mean that he has taken a beating over the course of his eight-year career, so there’s not much downside to a little extra rest in the offseason after playing in every game over the last two years.

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