Monday, May 6, 2013

If Chiefs go 8-8, they owe 49ers a second round pick

The 49ers used Kansas City’s second-round pick this year to add another pick in the third round next year.

And depending on how the Chiefs play, it could net the 49ers yet another second-rounder next year.

Peter King of has filled in the blanks on the conditional 2014 pick the Chiefs owe the 49ers to complete the Alex Smith trade, noting that it’s a second-rounder if the Chiefs go 8-8 or better, but will be a third if they’re 7-9 or worse.

Getting to .500 could be a reasonable goal for the Chiefs, who have checked off many boxes this offseason, beginning with finding a quarterback.

And the better Smith plays, the better able his old team will be to make more draft-day moves.

The 49ers could have as many as three extra third-rounders in addition to their own picks, which would mean six of the first 100 picks.

They own Tennessee’s third by trading this year’s 34th overall pick so the Titans could move up six spots to get wide receiver Justin Hunter.

They’ll get the pick to be determined from the Chiefs, and possibly a compensatory third-rounder for losing free agent safety Dashon Goldson and not signing a replacement in free agency.

That means the 49ers will either have a first, two seconds and three thirds if the Chiefs make a giant leap, or a first, a second and four thirds. The 49ers also have Carolina’s seventh-rounder from a 2012 trade for special teamer Colin Jones.

That means they can continue to make moves, and use picks on fliers such as injured running back Marcus Lattimore, chances other teams with limited picks can’t afford to take.

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