Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Craig Dahl says Niners tipped plays last year

Now we know why the 49ers hired defensive guru Eric Mangini to serve as an offensive consultant.

Safety Craig Dahl, who played last year for a Rams team that went 1-0-1 against the eventual NFC champions, said Wednesday that the Niners tipped offensive plays based on personnel and formation, according to Matt Maiocco of

“We had a few tips off of film that we were able to differentiate between run and pass early,” Dahl said.  “So that kind of gave us an added benefit on defense.

“It was a few different things.  Some different personnel and alignment stuff really were the big keys, as far as our giveaways.”

Maiocco says Dahl immediately told the 49ers about their tell after signing with the 49ers earlier this year.
“It’s stuff that’s been corrected,” Dahl said.  “It’s just them discussing what kind of things we prepared for when I was in St. Louis last year, as far as scouting and different things we saw game-planning against the 49ers’ offense. Kind of working with the offensive coaches on that aspect, and also kind of giving them tips and tendencies on their offense.

“It’s been addressed and corrected.  They knew most of it before I even got here, and it’s re-confirming.  It’s just ongoing, self-studying and self-scouting stuff.  Got that cleared up, too.”

Helping to ensure it will be cleared up is Mangini, whose job surely will include spotting the kinds of things the Rams spotted last year during film study.

Still, it’s a disclosure that has to be embarrassing for coach Jim Harbaugh and offensive coordinator Greg Roman.  And it has to be vexing for Rams coach Jeff Fisher, who now has to find a different way to slow down the 49ers offense.

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