Friday, June 28, 2013

Kaepernick trying to balance rest and readiness

Colin Kaepernick has heard coach Jim Harbaugh’s concerns that he might be getting “too jacked-up.”
At the same time, he’s finding it hard to fight his own urge to work out more.

Kaepernick said during an appearance on KNBR (via the Sacramento Bee) that he was trying to weigh how much to push and how much to rest in his month before the start of training camp.

“That’s the balance I’m trying to find,” Kaepernick said. “Can I get big, can I get strong and still remain flexible enough to go out and throw the ball well?”

Kaepernick said he had the same conversation with guard Mike Iupati, but told his blocker: “If your body never knows rest, it never craves it.”

He’s kept a frantic pace this offseason, and may have found a workout partner when he made an appearance with Michelle Obama, who did his signature pose with him for photographers.

“It was something where I had to take advantage of the opportunity,” he said of the meeting with the First Lady. “She was more than willing. She was a great sport about it. I mean, she was a really cool lady. . . .

“She definitely has the arms for it.”

So does Kaepernick, though he’s still young, and hasn’t taken the number of hits that will make him savor offseasons when he’s older.

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