Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Marcus Lattimore thinks he could practice right now

The San Francisco 49ers are taking it slow with rookie running back Marcus Lattimore, who is recovering from a serious knee injury. But Lattimore thinks he’s good to go now.

Lattimore told Yahoo! Sports that his recovery from a knee injury that he initially feared would be career-ending has been nothing short of miraculous. And Lattimore believes that he could be on the practice field today if the 49ers would let him.

“Physically, I do feel I can practice now,” he said.

At the same time, Lattimore said he understands why the 49ers are forcing him to open the season on the non-football injury list. (Which should probably be called something else, since it includes players still recovering from injuries suffered playing college football.)

“I’m cool with it, it gives me more time to make sure I’m really ready when I do practice,” he said.

The 49ers drafted Lattimore with the idea that he’d contribute in 2014 and beyond. If they get anything at all out of him this season, that would be a bonus. But they’re wise to take it slowly with him, no matter how much he wants to play right now.

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