Thursday, July 18, 2013

Seahawks fans want to put message in 49ers bricks

When the 49ers opened a new revenue stream by selling personalized bricks outside Levi’s Stadium, they also opened the door for those who might want to make a statement in the pavement.

Now, a group of Seahawks fans is trying to figure out how to support their team outside the enemy camp.

According to, a group of Seahawks fans on Reddit are trying to raise funds to purchase a brick.

Their only problem is figuring out a way to get it past the censors, since the Levi’s Stadium Foundation can veto any text it wants.

The minimalists among them were hoping for “Go Hawks,” or perhaps something more subtle, such as “Great Ones Have Achieved Wisdom Knowing Success.”

If they really wanted to stir the 49ers faithful up, they could say something truly controversial, such as “Nice hat.”

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