Sunday, September 22, 2013

Report: Frank Gore angry at Jim Harbaugh

Frank Gore was one of the few 49ers who played well in today’s loss to the Colts, running 11 times for 82 yards and catching two passes for 21 yards. Which leads to the question: Why did Gore only get 13 touches?

That may be the question Gore wanted answered when, according to Kevin Lynch of the San Francisco Chronicle, he was angry at coach Jim Harbaugh at the end of the game.

Lynch reports that Gore “had choice words” for Harbaugh near the end of the game, as Gore was taking the field toward the end of the 49ers’ 27-7 loss.

Gore would hardly be the first running back to get upset with his coach about how often he’s getting the ball, but if Gore and Harbaugh aren’t seeing eye to eye, that would be one more indication that things are not going well in San Francisco right now. Two weeks ago, after the 49ers opened the season with a win over the Packers, many NFL observers thought San Francisco was the best team in football. Now the 49ers have lost two in a row, by a combined score of 56-10.

Whatever is going wrong in San Francisco, the 49ers need to get it fixed in a hurry.

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  1. He's right. There was not enough patience. Who ever was calling the plays should've continued to call runs. Wide runs, middle runs all kinds of runs. The offense was having success with that.

    Now the 49ers have got the Rams on Thursday. What is there to lose? Consider the game lost! Don't even look at the score. The score doesn't matter. What matters is to keep running the ball and throwing short passes to RBs and pitchout plays, screens & sweeps. It's Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter who can save the 49ers right now. I know that Anquan Boldin had a huge game vs Packers but until the Niners play a team with atrocious pass defense or they get Vernon Davis and M. Crabtree back, the receiving game is not gonna save them.

    I don't care if the Niners beat the Rams. I'd rather that they get the offense clicking than win the game, so like I said, consider the game lost. Don't even care about winning. Just run the heck out of that football and focus on making the kinds of plays I mentioned above work. These are talented capable guys who know how to handle the football. I don't think any play is too complicated for them. It's just a matter of sticking with it and developing real game snapiness.