Thursday, September 26, 2013

Week 4: 49ers Vs Rams Box score - 49ers Win 35-11

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  1. I'm starting to think NFL games are fixed. In the last two 49ers losses, the opponent appeared to be jacked up on secret sauce while the 49er offense almost aimless slothed about the field like they had been shot full of sedatives.

    and now suddenly it's the other way around? For some unidentifiable reason, the Niners are moving with authority, speed and sense of purpose while the Rams look like they got into Grandma's slow pills?

    Who gets which drugs in the next game?

    I certainly AM glad that the Niners took this one, but the Rams don't look like much of a contest right now. I'm anxious about what will happen when the Niners face another opponent with a strong 2ndary, that forces their offense to play ball-control style. Peyton Manning has no problem making that adjustment. If that's what the defense is giving him, he'll chuck little 5 yard passes and dink & doink his way down the field 3-4 yards at a time all day. That's not Colin Kaepernick. That's not 49er ball, BUT for some teams who can shut down the Niner receivers, THAT is the only option. I'm gonna wanna see the 49ers pull that off against a much tougher defense than the RAMS before I'm ready to 'party into the night'. Super Bowl baby! #QuestForSix ! You don't get there by not taken it serious.