Sunday, October 6, 2013

Week 5: 49ers Vs Texans Box Score - 49ers Win 34-3

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  1. This was a weird one. Defense was amazing with the big plays. Tramaine Brock really played outstanding Matt Schaub is gonna be seeing #26 in his nightmares for weeks.

    Niners offense is still sputtering but showing more & better signs of life. Still seems a reticence to set up screens and wide sweeping runs but LaMichael James broke off a couple good ones late in the game. Like to see more of that to keep defenses honest.

    Passing game needs that 2nd high caliber rcvr 2 take some of the cover off Boldin. Also still like to see a little more short outlet passing to RB & FBs. It looks like the tools are there and it's just a matter of figuring out how & when to use them. Great to see the will-to-win. Teamwork & positive mindset go a long way. The 49er engine is gonna smooth out and start firing on all cylinders before long. If the playoffs were tomorrow, Denver would probably blast their way to a Super Bowl win, but the playoffs aren't tomorrow and the team that's bringing it all together late in December is the one that's gonna be doing the blasting. How 'bout that Tony Jerod-Eddie pulling down the 3rd SchauberDobberDont like a psychic!

    Well anyway, way-to-go Niners! Win #3 in the bag. Onward and upward.