Monday, April 28, 2014

Sources think that the 49ers will try to move up

The 49ers have eleven draft picks and not nearly enough needs to find roster spots for all, or even half,of them. So it’s reasonable to assume that the 49ers might attempt to make a move up on draft day.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen was the original to articulate the speculation of a San Francisco move last week, suggesting that they possibly are going to be trying to get receiver Mike Evans.

Whether it’s Evans or some other player, the 49ers wouldn’t move up unless they had a particular player for whom they wished to maneuver.  Last year, the Niners jumped from No. 31 to No. 18 to get safety Eric Reid, filling a obvious need after the departure of Dashon Goldson via free agency.

They don’t have nearly an equivalent need at receiver. Anquan Boldin re-signed. Michael Crabtree is healthy. Vernon Davis, who recently told pro football talk on NBCSN that he views himself as a receiver, is still in his prime.

Unless the 49ers plan to move on from Crabtree (whose contract is up after this year) or Davis, it could make more sense to focus on another more certain need, like pass rusher (given Aldon Smith’s tenuous status) or inside linebacker (given NaVorro Bowman’s serious knee injury).

Regardless, the 49ers have the power to make a move.  They merely need the motivation and the chance.

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