Thursday, August 7, 2014

Report: 49ers bracing for 6-8 game suspension for Aldon Smith

Now that 49ers linebacker Aldon Smith has met with Commissioner Roger Goodell, the next step entails the dropping of the hammer.  And for Smith, the so-called iron fist will hit a lot harder than it did with Ray Rice.

Via Matt Maiocco of, the 49ers currently are bracing for Goodell to suspend Smith for six-to-eight games.

Unlike Ray, Smith has committed multiple violations of the personal-conduct policy and the substance abuse policy.  Earlier this year, Smith pleaded no contest to weapons charges and DUI charges.  In 2012, Smith resolved another DUI case with a guilty plea to reckless driving.

Smith also faced an allegation that he made a false report of a bomb threat in the security line at LAX.  Despite multiple reports that no charges would be pursued, Smith recently traveled to Los Angeles for a hearing aimed at wrapping up that case.  Typically, attendance at a hearing isn’t required if nothing will come of a potential criminal matter.  And if anything came of the matter, it’s another incident by Smith under the personal-conduct policy.

The personal-conduct policy is aimed at dispensing extra punishment to repeat offenders.  Once Goodell issues a ruling, Smith will have the ability to appeal the outcome back to Goodell.


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