Saturday, August 2, 2014

Scuffle gets Anquan Boldin kicked out of practice

49ers coach Jim Harbaugh loves intensity, but even he has his limits.

On Friday, Harbaugh booted receiver Anquan Boldin from practice after Boldin took a swing at cornerback Darryl Morris.

As explained by Matt Maiocco of, Boldin caught a pass despite tight coverage from Morris.  The two got into it afterward, and Boldin delivered a blow to the cornerback’s facemask.

Harbaugh took exception to Boldin’s taking exception to the action after the reception, and Harbaugh told Boldin to leave.

While some veterans would relish an early exit from practice (it wouldn’t be the first time a player started a fight in order to escape the practice field), Maiocco says Boldin “angrily” walked to the locker room.

It’s smart for coaches to ensure that players learn the importance of keeping their emotions in check.  Outbursts like that during a game result in 15 yards of field position and the football equivalent of a red card.

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