Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Colin Kaepernick: “I don’t know what I’m being fined for”

Colin Kaepernick was given a 15-yard penalty and a fine of $11,025 after an official said he used a racial slur on the field. Kaepernick insisted he had said no such thing, appealed the fine, and today won the appeal — sort of.

On appeal, Kaepernick had his fine cut in half. But Kaepernick now wants to know why he was fined at all, as the appeal officer apparently believes him that he didn’t use a slur.

“If you’re going to say I used a racial slur and come back and say I didn’t say it, then I don’t know what I’m being fined for,” Kaepernick said, via Matt Maiocco of

The NFL Players Association has also said Kaepernick’s fine should have been eliminated, not just halved, after the finding that Kaepernick hadn’t used a racial slur. That point of view makes a lot of sense. If Kaepernick didn’t say what the official said he said, Kaepernick shouldn’t be fined for what the official said he said.

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