Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Jerry Rice: Jim Harbaugh is leaving, and it’s affecting the 49ers

Jerry Rice thinks Jim Harbaugh is heading into his final stretch as the head coach of the 49ers.

Asked by Sports Illustrated if Harbaugh will remain with the 49ers beyond this season, Rice answered, “I really don’t think so, I think he’s gone no matter what happens this year.”

Rice added that he believes the players will be influenced by doubts about Harbaugh’s long-term commitment, even if everyone insists that they’re totally focused on the task at hand.

“Maybe that’s starting to wear and tear on the team and it’s taking its toll,” Rice said. “The team, they try to say, ‘Well, we’re not affected by it.’ But you are.”

On ProFootballTalk Live today, Rice said the 49ers are playing with no confidence.

“It’s up to the players to re-focus,” Rice said.

Rice sounds like he thinks the coach is focused on getting another job two months from now.


  1. I dont know what Harbaugh will do but the postgame press conferences are sure weird. I watched the comments of Harbaugh and then Kaepernick after the Giants game and there was like zero energy from either of them -- after they won...

    1. Jerry Rice caught the ball real pretty during his career, now thats over and hes just another media man hyping up crap.