Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Geep Chryst: Kaepernick didn’t regress as much as perceived

The 49ers failed to advance to the playoffs last season, ending a three-year string of making it at least as far as the NFC title game and touching off an offseason of sweeping change.

One thing that didn’t change was the identity of the starting quarterback. Colin Kaepernick will run the offense again this season after a 2014 season that left many people feeling like he’d regressed in his third year at the helm. His offensive coordinator Geep Chryst isn’t one of those people. He cited other factors for creating a perception that Kaepernick was moving in the wrong direction.

“And then last year, you’re playing with some different sets of challenges,” Chryst said, via the San Jose Mercury News. “There was more change within the offensive line than he had experienced the last couple of years. How does that affect your production as a quarterback? You’re behind more often in games. How does that affect your production as a quarterback? I cite the fact that we had six touchdowns nullified by penalty. You plug that back into his formula, he really wasn’t … he didn’t regress off his line as much as perceived.”

Chryst continued to point in other directions for the team’s offensive struggles last season by saying he could provide examples of Kaepernick being at “a disadvantage because his team wasn’t playing as well as it was around him in other games.” Chryst added that part of the challenge for quarterbacks is succeeding in spite of those obstacles and Kaepernick may have more opportunities to overcome them this year.

The 49ers have lost two starting offensive linemen, running back Frank Gore and several key defensive pieces, leaving Kaepernick with a team that is going to need him to avoid any regression if the offense is going to move back in the right direction.

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